Worst Day of the Year Make You Queasy?

Today the Dow dropped 800 points, the worst day for the year. But headlines failed to point out, again, that bonds made a killing. In fact, over the last eight trading days, long-term government bonds have gained almost four times as much as stocks have lost. Did you see that headline anywhere? [More]

Financial News Misleads Again

When the stock market fell yesterday, the financial news blared about falling rates and trouble in bonds. Yet it was a spectacular day for bonds! [More]

Resilient Portfolios, Pt 3: Retirement Example

A resilient retirement portfolio is created and tested using returns starting in 2008. The portfolio generated income exceeding plans, despite the crash. [More]

Resilient Portfolios, Pt 2: Time Eats Volatility

Time eats volatility, and we can use that to choose investments. We compare the S&P 500 with T-Bills and see when the S&P 500 is the better choice. [More]

Resilient Portfolios, Pt 1: Tolerating Volatility

Stable investments are usually more likely to lose money. Tolerating volatility can reduce risk. Here are some tips on tolerating volatility. [More]